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inflammation in the body - XFLAM

Painful joints?

Ease the inflammation in your joints with our new
formula X-Flam

Refined sugars are bad for you... Here's WHY.

We consume too many refined carbohydrates, especially sugar and starch.

This causes blood sugar fluctuations, tiredness and constant hunger.

Carbohydrates metabolise into simple sugars, raise your blood sugar level and this contributes to fuelling inflammation.

Carb toxicity leads to recessive weight gain, elevated levels of blood fats, poor sleep patterns, sluggish mental and physical energy.  If we continue to eat this way over the long term, excessive carb intake causes inflammation - many researchers now view inflammation as the basis of all modern diseases.

X-Flam is a new cutting-edge formulation of specific flavonoids, anti-oxidants and Vitamin C, synergized with probiotics, based upon patented, clinically proven, scientifically published research, designed to promote ideal gut health and sugar metabolism, and support your immune system.

Hear what Dr Ahrens has to say about inflammation

The importance of having good gut health

Good digestion and good gut health are strongly tied to a properly functioning immune system. Good gut health promotes good digestion which supplies the nutrients and building blocks our bodies need for normal function, growth, defense, and repair.

Not only are there these direct effects, but there has been identified a Gut-Brain axis which has major health implications.

As described by the US National Institute of Health:

The Gut-Brain axis (GBA) consists of bidirectional communication between the central and the enteric (gut) nervous system, linking emotional and cognitive centers of the brain with peripheral intestinal functions. Recent advances in research have described the importance of gut microbiota in influencing these interactions.”

X-Flam has been formulated from natural plant ingredients to support good digestion, gut health, the immune system

and thus GBA. In these challenging times, we need to pay more attention to this area of health more than ever.


X-Flam works via symbiotic relationships between a group of flavonoids, Vitamin C, and probiotics by:

  •  Managing carbohydrate metabolism to support healthy blood sugar levels  

  • Supporting a healthy gut environment.

  • Providing an adequate probiotic gut population to support good digestion and the GBA.

  • Reducing storage of excess sugar and fats in fat tissue.

  • Promoting a permeable and flexible vascular system.

  • Supporting the proper functioning of the immune and repair systems and proper inflammatory response.


Carbohydrates and sugars fuel 


Inflammation is our body's immune system response to irritation, infection or injury.


Many health disorders are inflammation-based, meaning they were likely triggered by inflammatory imbalance.


Inflammation in the body can be the beginning of cancer, diabetes, weight gain/loss, insomnia, depression, anxiety, fibromyalgia, heart disease, bowel disease, any skin disorders, and more. X-Flam deals with the root cause and not just the symptoms thereof.  


It is essential for everyone as a preventative support supplement that assists to lessen symptoms that many suffer with, but also boosts the immune system to help us live life better.


Sharing Food

X-Flam may make weight loss easier


The majority of disorders and diseases suffered by mankind can be traced back to poor diets and weak immune systems.


A poor diet leads to loss of energy and body structure, a dysfunctional immune system, and chronic inflammation.


When the body is saturated with 10 times more sugar than was designed, it cannot keep up.


That’s where X-Flam a flavanoids supplement comes in. allowing your immune system to strengthen and get everything back on track, by supporting healthy blood sugar levels.


Happy Family

Everyone needs X-Flam

Our bodies need X-Flam to replace the flavonoids missing in our diet. It is like an "essential vitamin".
X-Flam is formulated to address the major needs of the body in our current time: carbohydrate metabolism, weakened immune system and poor gut health. 
X-Flam's nutrients support the body's functions, allowing it to do its remarkable natural magic as nature intended.


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