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The nature & science of X-Flam

We are delighted to share some of the benefits of X-Flam with you

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Have you heard of Flavonoids?


Flavonoids are a diverse group of phytonutrients ( plant chemicals), and along with carotenoids, are responsible for the vivid colours of almost all fruit and vegetables.

Flavonoids have beneficial anti-inflammatory effects and they protect your cells from oxidative damage that can lead to diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer and cognitive diseases such as Alzheimer's and dementia.

Different flavonoids can help the body in different ways and have many health benefits. 


Certain flavonoids are known to have specific functions, interacting with specific enzymes and further effect the expression of certain genes.

X-Flam is a cutting-edge formulation of naturally occurring flavonoids that do not occur together in nature. This powerful, proprietary mix of Quercetin, Myricetin and Chlorogenic Acid is enhanced by the addition of Vitamin C, and synergised with pro-biotics to support the immune system, carbohydrate metabolism, digestive and inflammatory response within our body.

Active Flavonoid 1:


Ampelopsis Japonica, commonly known as the Japanese Peppervine, is a member of the grape family, and a well‑known traditional oriental herb with anti‑inflammatory and anticancer activities.


The flavonoid contained in vine tea leaves can resist inflammation, detoxify, relieve pain and swelling, moisten the throat and relieve cough. It has long been used in Traditional Medicine to manage and support healthy blood sugar levels and improve the immune system.

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Active Flavonoid 2:


Styphnolobium Japonica ( Japanese Pagoda Tree) is commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine and is considered to be one of the 50 fundamental herbs. The flowers and buds are astringent, antibacterial, anti-cholesterolaemic, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, estrogenic, and hypotensive.


Two potent flavonoids, Oxymatrine and Troxerutin from the Pagoda Treet exhibit strong anti-oxidant activity and have been used to treat inflammatory diseases and various types of cancer in traditional Chinese medicine.

They are known to promote diversion of sugars and fat from fat tissue and promote sugar transport into muscle and brain tissue.

Secrets of our Blue Gum

Eucalyptus Globulus (Flavonoid) is one of the most popular trees in Australia. Leaves from this tree have long been used in teas to support healthy blood sugar levels by slowing the absorption of sugar in the gut, to the bloodstream.

The flavonoids are strongly anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and strongly support the immune system.

In addition, they suppress the growth of the unfriendly helibacter pylori ( bacteria that affect the lining of your stomach), and promote a healthy gut environment.

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What about vitamin C?

There are 7 scientifically-proven benefits of taking a Vitamin C supplement.

  • As a powerful antioxidant, may reduce risk of chronic disease and help the body's natural defenses fight inflammation

  • Studies show that Vitamin C may help lower blood pressure, by relaxing the blood vessels that carry blood from the heart.

  • Vitamin C has been linked to a reduced risk of heart disease

  • May help reduce uric acid in blood to protect against gout attacks.

  • Vitamin C can improve the absorption of iron, reducing the risk of iron deficiency

  • May boost immunity by helping white blood cells function more effectively

  • A high intake of Vitamin C has been shown to have a protective effect on thinking and memory as you age.

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Why probiotics are important...


Our gut is responsible for putting our body into working order.

As it breaks down the foods we eat, our gut absorbs nutrients that support our body's functions.

Good gut function and health depend on the existence of good gut bacteria which are largely responsible for the digestion of food, producing and releasing nutrients for our use.

Modern diets do not adequately promote the growth and development of these good bacteria.

Pro-biotics are "good" bacteria and can make your immune system stronger.

Lactobacillus Plantarum is a species of probiotic bacteria commonly found in the human gut, saliva, and certain foods. It is one of the most 'hardy' strains of pro-biotics due to its ability to withstand a huge variety of different temperatures.

X-Flam provides live cultures of these bacteria to maintain a healthy culture to assist maximum health, energy and support for our immune system, as well as the healing and repair processes.

What if you could have all this goodness, and more, in two small capsules? ( Recommended daily dose)

X-Flam has been formulated from natural plant ingredients to support good digestion, gut health, the immune system and thus GBA.   

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