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About X-Flam

Introducing Dr Joe Ahrens
Doctorate • Founder of ATM Metabolics • Inventor of X-Flam
• Twice Nominee for Nobel Prize

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Dr. Joe Ahrens is renowned for his breakthrough work in metabolic sciences and after many years of research into food and nutrition, became Director of Research at the Florida Department of Citrus, where discoveries he made there led to the understanding that there are natural ingredients in food that can address health problems and can change people’s lives.

In 2007, ATM Metabolics was formed to bring these discoveries to the public. A revelation was that the lack of certain natural ingredients in the diet are the underlying cause of many health issues.  He coined the term 'Flavonoid Deficiency Syndrome'. Dr. Joseph Ahrens has made several products which effectively address the underlying issue of inflammation and the expression of high blood sugar, pressure, weight management, psoriasis, asthma, arthritis and even neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s.  In addition, a strong headway was made into tackling and curing Ebola and even the flu and the common cold.  For all of this work, Dr. Ahrens now has been twice nominated to receive the Nobel Prize

All his life Dr. Joseph Ahrens has worked hard to bring superior solutions to the health of others. He will continue to do so.

Now, he has brought his new and even more improved advanced formulation to be manufactured in Australia

so we can enjoy the amazing benefits of the most rewarding supplement that will become one of the highest discussed health and wellness products of modern times. 

In collaboration with Dr Joe Ahrens, I Create Change Pty Ltd is proud to be able to bring you this "essential vitamin" so that you can enjoy the benefits of managing the carbs and inflammation that may be in your body.

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See some of the X-Flam benefits of managing carbs and inflammation

  • Healthy heart

  • Healthy skin

  • More energy

  • Less disease risk

  • Better digestion

  • Better sleep

  • Weight loss

  • Improved Gut health

  • Better sleep

  • Improved dental health

  • Liver protection

  • Crush the cravings

  • Better brain health

  • Sharper Clarity

  • Less brain fog

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As well as relief of the pain that can be brought on

by swelling of inflamed joints and headaches!

In short, this is the result of our immune system working properly as it was designed to do.

 X-Flam corrects the body so it can perform the way nature intended. It tunes the immune system. So technically, X-Flam is not fixing issues and fighting disease. That's what the body does. An immune system operating up to 'par' can ward off just about any invaders.

Take the step now, to regain your Vitality with X-Flam
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