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The Gut Affects our Brain Function

We have all heard the saying, ‘follow your gut’ and a ‘gut decision’. These familiar sayings reflect the fact that many experts are now calling the gut our “second brain”.

The Gut-Brain Axis is a pathway of communication between the central and gut nervous system and the cognitive centres of the brain – if your gut is not functioning well, the communication is transmitted to the brain

Research is also being conducted by the Alzheimer Gut Microbiome Project to help further understand gut microbiome changes across the stages of Alzheimer’s disease. If they can determine what mechanisms and environmental factors can affect the disease, researchers believe they will be able to slow or prevent the Alzheimer’s processes that begin in people’s 50s or even earlier. The gut is full of information that we are learning more and more about every day!

X-Flam has been formulated from natural plant ingredients to support good digestion, gut health, the immune system and therefore, the Gut Brain Axis, providing an effective probiotic gut population, reducing storage of excess sugars and fat, and supporting the proper functioning of the immune and repair system.

more attention to this area of health more than ever. X-Flam works via symbiotic relationships between a group of flavonoids, Vitamin C, and probiotics by: Managing carbohydrate metabolism to support healthy blood sugar levels Supporting a healthy gut environment. Providing an adequate probiotic gut population to support good digestion and the GBA. Reducing storage of excess sugar and fats in fat tissue. Promoting a permeable and flexible vascular system. Supporting the proper functioning of the immune and repair systems and proper inflammatory response.

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