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With COVID in our community and the added threat of the flu season upon us, we owe it to ourselves to give our body the assistance it needs to perform well.

Your immune system is your body’s first line defence against illnesses – it consists of cells, tissues and organs in your skin, spleen, lymph system and, most importantly, your intestines.

A healthy gut microbiome is closely connected to the immune system– if fact, about

70% of it’s function is centred in the gut and should consist of more “good” bacteria than the “bad”.

So, how can we help?

Good food choices are a vital element to contribute to a healthy gut.

Choose a Diet rich in Fibre

Fibre is a carbohydrate that doesn’t break down like other foods we eat – some ferment in the gut and produce by-products that benefit our immune system. So, choose a diet which includes whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds.

Pre-biotics also play a part to stimulate the growth of good bacteria – some sources include beetroot, cashews, oats and watermelon.

When you are partaking a fibre-rich diet, remember that it is key to drink plenty of water – fibre needs this to work.

Polyphenols are also “gut friends” and include foods like coffee, berries, leafy greens, and spices.

Foods to avoid include processed foods high in sugar and artificial sweeteners, excessive alcohol and soft drinks.

As a powerful supplement to a good diet, X-Flam is full of strong anti-oxidants, pro-biotics for gut health and Vitamin C to help you ward off the winter flu season.

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